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Famous Austin Landmarks Illustration Fine Art Poster Prints

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Austin Mopac Traffic Fine Art Print.jpg
This fine art print celebrates Austin’s most infamous transportation highway, Loop 1 Mopac and its never ending traffic and the Mopac Express Lane.<br />
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Mopac Loop 1 is a freeway which provides access to the west side of Austin, Texas. It is named Mopac Expressway after the Missouri Pacific Railroad.<br />
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The MoPac Express Lane gives drivers the option to bypass congestion on the 11-mile stretch of MoPac between Parmer Lane and Cesar Chavez Street and get to their destination without delay. MoPac is one of Austin's most important arteries, serving as a key route to downtown and points beyond. As a primary alternative to Interstate 35, MoPac carries more than 180,000 cars and trucks each day. By 2035, MoPac is projected to serve more than 220,000 cars a day. In October 2017, the project was fully open to traffic.

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